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If you want to find all occurrences of the phrase universal daycare, put double quotes around it like this: "universal daycare".

If you want to find all occurrences of the two words but not necessarily the one immediately following the other, strip the quotes off like this: universal daycare.

Our search engine supports stemming, so by entering the word stem only, you also get all secondary word forms. So, to cover also plural word forms, entering the singular should be sufficient.

If you want to find all occurrences of the word daycare but not in connection with universal, enter -universal daycare.

If you are not sure whether we have spelled day care as one word or two but want to cover both possibilities, enter (daycare OR "day care").

Upper or lower-case letters don't matter, so Day Care and dAy CaRe will give the same hit list.

When you have found an interesting hit, use the search facility in your web browser to find the exact spot in the document loaded (for Internet Explorer, choose Find from the Edit menu).

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Kids First has no political or religious affiliation and seeks to
work with all parties and all interests to seek equality for all families.

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